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  1. 02 Jun '15 23:41
    Can't think of a time in my life I ever had a final position like this. Could not find a way to get at him without the c and d pawns raining down on me. Anyone see a win here for black?
    Game 11198390
  2. 03 Jun '15 00:28
    Hi Bobla,

    There must be a way Black can Zuggers White into dropping that e-pawn with a check.
    Or playing Kxe4 with the Rook on the c-file. Look for creeping Rook moves before the final position.

    You were lucky to draw, he concentrated too much on your a-pawn.


    Instead of 42.Qb1 which led to your alert trick, 41.Qe5 threatening Rxh6+
    looks good enough to wrap it up. The Rook gets back time if the Queens come off.