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  1. 20 Aug '11 11:05
    I've read Ivan Sokolov's book "Winning Chess Middlegames". In his book; he gives examples of the isolated d-pawn being used as a weapon(!). In most cases an isolated pawn is a weakness.

    Could users of this fourum post some of games they have played and used the isolated d-pawn as a weapon?
  2. 20 Aug '11 11:54
    The isolated queen pawn is one of the more complex themes in chess. Some players will go to great length to avoid getting an IQP, whereas others love the positions. Victor Korchnoi is the most obvious example of a top-flight GM who frequently plays IQP positions. Karpov was noted for his highly effective play against IQP positions.

    On one hand the IQP is weak in that it has to be defended by pieces and is open to attack, particularly by the major pieces.
    On the other hand the IQP controls space in the center and thus gives attacking chances.

    The general strategy if you have an IQP is simple - attack! Also avoid piece exchanges as this will reduce your attacking potential.

    If you are playing against an IQP then try to trade off minor pieces to reduce your opponent's attacking chances and leave them with only the weakness of the isolated pawn. Nimzovitch recommended blocking the IQP with a knight. Karpov took the more complex approach of directly attacking the IQP which leaves the danger of the pawn being advanced at the wrong moment and the defender's position falling apart.

    Unfortunately I don't have any good examples from my own games of the themes. I've played both sides of such positions, but the games are rather messy affairs and aren't very instructive.

    John Null discusses the isolated queen pawn better than I ever could in his book "Understanding Chess move by move".