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  1. 13 Mar '10 19:58 / 1 edit
    jprgordon v Sheffield4164

    This is one of those games that greet you when you log onto RHP.
    I often skip throguh at least one of them, you never quite know
    what you will find.

    This is good.
    Black losses a Bishop and then a Knight for nothing.

    "Time to attack" thinks Black and off he goes....and it works!!!
    Lady Luck drop two mates in his lap. One for each piece.

    But he missed them! (he had 21 days to choose a move).

    Lesson here boys. If you are doing a Kitchen Sink attack you must
    be good enough to spot the shot if one lands home.

    Black to play.

    Black played 41….Rxg3 but 41…hxg3 mates.

    Again Black to play.

    Black played 42…Rh3+ which is good enough for a perpetual
    but 42….Qg4 mates.

    White’s wrapped up with a baited trap. Black to play.

    White has just played 47.Re1! can Black play 47…Qh2+ and Qxc7?

    Well he did amd got mated.

    I've just noticed, these two are playing each again. (twice!).
    I have book marked them to see what happens.