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  1. Standard member woodypusher
    07 Jun '13 04:45
  2. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    07 Jun '13 05:33
    Originally posted by woodypusher
    Why would he fear arrest and possible unfair treatment?
    OH yeah it's Russia.
    Come to the USA baby, we'd love you. 🙂
  3. 07 Jun '13 08:31
    I'm sure he would be fine - I think his opponents want him to shut up at most - not dead or in prison, why would anyone want that?
  4. 07 Jun '13 08:40
    Don't go then
  5. Standard member woodypusher
    07 Jun '13 16:37
    Originally posted by michael liddle
    Don't go then
    He's not.
  6. 07 Jun '13 19:54
    He should. Putin is a monster. Not the most nefarious leader in the world, but still pretty bad.
  7. Donation ketchuplover
    12 Jun '13 23:40
    Speaking of Herr Kasparov...He is endorsing Ruth Haring,Randy Bauer,Mike Atkins,and Chuck Unruh for the USCF executive board.