1. e4
    06 May '08
    08 Jul '23 21:00

    Me and a genuine Knight of the Round the Bend Table.
    A study and a puzzle both White to play and win.

    A study by Ofer Comay

    B. Hymer - H. Davis, CHESS magazine July 2023.

    A selection of RHP games with players panicking because their opponent was
    about to get a new Queen and not looking for a way to ignore it and win the game.

    Finally back to Knights. I looked for RHP games where both players had
    only a pair of Knights left and one of them had to deliver a checkmate.
    I thought I'd find one or two. I found quite a few, I've picked the best.

    Blog Post 574
  2. Joined
    15 Dec '20
    08 Jul '23 23:26
    Hi Geoff,
    Solving the study by Ofer Comay was very satisfying. Thanks for sharing it (and the copious other stuff).

  3. Joined
    17 Jul '23
    17 Jul '23 22:34

    I would have asked to try on the helmet too.

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