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  1. 18 Jan '18 12:21 / 1 edit
    With an amber weather warning in Scotland telling us not to travel
    we left Edinburgh for Dunbar (round trip 60 miles) to play chess.

    White (that will be me to play)

    What cunning plan did I come up with here. (It's unsound but good fun.)

    G. Chandler - C.James, Edinburgh League 2018
    Time control was 34 moves in 1hour 15 mins. then 15 allegro, no increments.

  2. Donation ketchuplover
    18 Jan '18 16:12
    My guess is Bxh6
  3. 19 Jan '18 17:49 / 2 edits
    What did you gain by giving up the exchange after your rook lift?

    How does that prevent castling?

    OK I see it. Things are just a bit more complicated than I thought. Play through with that idea in mind and it makes sense.
  4. 20 Jan '18 13:55
    Hi Eladar,

    It was really a 'suck and see' move. Here.

    I could have tried 15.Ra3 to swap the French Bishop for a Rook (a fair deal as far as I'm concerned)
    and after 15...Bxa3 16.Bxa3 still prevent castling.

    But after 15.Ra3 there is no threat. Black just castles and then what?

    With 15.Re3 I do threaten is case of 15...0-0 16.Rg3.
  5. 21 Jan '18 00:04
    Have you had people castle instead of winning the exchange?
  6. 21 Jan '18 03:39 / 1 edit
    Hi Eladar,

    I've never had that position before. It was an OTB idea to spice things up.
    I realised a long long time ago if I was going to enjoy and play this game
    then I would have accept my fair share of losses so I play double-edged.

    Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails.
    Sometimes it looks brilliant, (and you get to see it)
    Other times I look like a dope (those you do not get to see )