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  1. 09 Jun '12 15:25
    It's great seeing things like this.

    Anyone with a free 10 minutes like to work out the current scores
    between Jimmy Page User 69182 and Robert Plant User 88164.
    They have played over 300 games against each other.

    Including this one. A Cochrane Gambit where White sacs a piece to get at
    the Black King. The game ends with all the remaining White pieces on the
    back rank with the White Queen trapped.

    The pre-game notes are supplied by Led Zep III.

    These two are 'Friends' but White was 'Out on the Tiles' and up the 'Gallows Pole'.
    He was 'Bron-Y-Aur Stomped' giving Black a 'Celebration Day' and saying 'That's the Way.'

  2. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    09 Jun '12 15:53
    I don't think User 88164 is the real Robert Plant. The real Robert Plant would never use all lower case. So, enter user User 683557 who is the real Robert Plant and has jumped straight into battle with Jimmy. I wonder if he realizes it's not the real Jimmy Page who would never use all lower case.
  3. 09 Jun '12 16:05
    User 683557 is a tribute band member.

    Wonder when we will see Robert Plant play robert plant.