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Only Chess Forum

Only Chess Forum

  1. 06 Jan '12 20:17
    Played on the blitz site here.

    Post your name if you are interested... I will do all the organizing, score keeping and other such stuff unless somebody else wants to help.

    After each game we can start a thread discussing it afterwards with maybe each player expressing the thoughts they had on each move.

    Time controls will be voted on with the options below.

    A) 20/0
    B) 30/0
    C) 60/0
    D) 20/5
    E) 30/5
  2. 06 Jan '12 21:31
  3. 06 Jan '12 22:07
  4. 06 Jan '12 22:13
    Might as well put in my vote.

    A as well.
  5. 09 Jan '12 22:21