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  1. 07 Mar '11 11:18
    I have been playing this opening quite a bit recently and it it goes 1.e4 e5 2.c3. Do you know what the correct way to conter this opening is? Maybe playing d5?
  2. 07 Mar '11 11:25
    You can play d5 (c3 not available for white knight afer exd Qxd).

    Or Nf6, attacking e4 (if d4then either Nxe4 or Nc6) .

    Or c5, a kind of reversed maroczy bind . Depnds on your style.
  3. 07 Mar '11 12:34 / 5 edits
    A voice of experience speaking there RM471.

    It's always better to hear it from someone who has
    actually played what they suggest rather than hear it
    from someone who has just read it out of a book.

    Kane Bane -v- Mephisto2 RHP 2004.
    A nice clinical wrap up.

  4. Donation ketchuplover
    07 Mar '11 15:51
    muy impressive!