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  1. Standard member Diet Coke
    Forum Vampire
    08 Aug '09 17:55

    It's often said that one move can be the difference between victory and defeat.

    In this position white played 40. Kc4 was promptly mated by 40...Rb4#

    This was practically the only way white could lose.

    40. Ke5 and black has no good way to prevent mate.

    40. Kc6 and 40...Rd6+ keeps the game interesting.

    While the last move 40. Ke6 leads to mate most amusingly.

    40. Ke6 Rd6+
    41. Kf7 Rxg6
    42. Nexg6#

    It was a pretty poor game overall, but I liked the finish.

    Feel free to correct any mistakes I've made.
  2. 08 Aug '09 18:05
    I enjoyed it. Those caveman attacks do not have the same mental effect on CC as they do OTB though. Good job keeping your nerves though!