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  1. 13 Oct '11 08:28 / 7 edits
    Like a few of you when I sign in I look at the recent checkmate to help me wake up and get my brain into second gear (it's one of things I have in common with my Rover - we both hate second gear) and I came across this final position in Game 6278233:

    and the first thing I thought was why on Earth did white put his bishop on g7, that's not where it should be - a queen should by eyeing up that spot, or failing that a rook. So in a further bid to avoid actually doing any work today, I had a quick skim through the game and found a sneaky missed win for white - ironically when he choose to put his bishop on g7 - he could have won the game:

    So - remember, bishops support an attack, they shouldn't lead the attack and go in first!
    Here's the full game: