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Only Chess Forum

  1. 28 Nov '06 16:17
    Hi all,

    I play chess PC and Pocket PC (PDA) . but pda screen is quite small. and I think with Tablet PC and especially Motion Computer 12'' product. It is reasonable alternative with pen like PDA not mouse like PC.

    You can ask why Motion or Tablet instead of PC.

    Simple !!!

    It is like real chess alternative and I am more enjoyable playing chess with PDA than PC . but I said PDA screen is small.

    but Tablet and especially is much expensive . I want to know in Tablet or Motion What is things in Lateral Position. ???
  2. 28 Nov '06 19:58
  3. 28 Nov '06 20:25
    Originally posted by AlphaAlekhine
    yes I understand ! No problem