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  1. 10 Jul '09 10:41
    it came today - weeeeeeeeee!
  2. 10 Jul '09 10:46
    I got about 5 books in the mail a week ago. I ALMOST wish they would stop coming lol
  3. 10 Jul '09 11:05 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by erikido
    I got about 5 books in the mail a week ago. I ALMOST wish they would stop coming lol
    really which ones? this little one looks a cracker, although there are lots of rules, which i do not like, for chess is not like that, for every rule there is an exception depending upon the circumstances. but one must play by the rules until they can be effectively broken.
  4. 10 Jul '09 11:14 / 1 edit
    secrets of modern chess strategy, tal-botvinik 1960. mastering the chess openings volume 1, fire on board-shirovs best games volume one. simple chess. Have glanced at all but simple chess so far and they all look excellent so far.

    I already have volumes 2 and 3 of the master the chess openings. Watson is a FANTASTIC writer.

    I also have rybka 3's opening book coming in adition to play the benko, the kings indian according to bologan....and more that I have probably forgotten that I ordered lol.
  5. 10 Jul '09 19:47
    Originally posted by robbie carrobie
    it came today - weeeeeeeeee!
    Good, ain't it?
  6. 10 Jul '09 22:58 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by Squelchbelch
    Good, ain't it?
    yes its awesome! a 1.e4 players dream. Morphy is an utter genius, i knew it, but i never understood it! man, the first few games are blindfold exhibition games, his vision is bordering on a divine gift, i mean its hard enough to try to visualise the first ten or so move so the Ruy, but to include pure sacrificial moves and exchange sacrifices is truly out of this world. its a great book, not too much for a total noob, but also not too lean either for a beginner to intermediate. thanks for recommending it my friend, one of those truly enjoyable chess books.
  7. 11 Jul '09 10:14
    Some of Morphy's blindfold games are wonderful but I think
    Blackburne's blindfold games are absolutely incredible. Amazing.

    I can hold one game in my head very well - two at a push - no more.

    At the Koltanowski blindfold 34 board simul in Edinburgh 1937 quite
    of a few of the players were from the Edinburgh C.C.

    The event is mentioned in the club's minutes including this tit-bit.

    Mr T________ caused much mirth by asking if it was OK to use his
    ornamental chess set.

    (think about it).