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  1. Subscriber 64squaresofpain
    The drunk knight
    04 May '17 19:50
    Since first joining this site in 2012 I had not often played OTB
    and when I did it was against friends who mostly didn't know the "en passant" rule.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting friends from the Yorkshire Laikers clan,
    we played a few games but these were relaxed and without a clock... I had not lost a single game OTB all these years.

    I finally took the plunge and joined a local chess club, who play in the Doncaster League of I think 7 teams.

    This past Wednesday was my first game, but was literally the last game of the season,
    so perhaps it was unfortunate timing as there'll be no more games for a while.

    I played Black against an experienced player, who's around 140 ECF (so I was told).

    What do you guys think?

    I feel like I can learn from this game.
    If I keep playing with clocks and maybe enter a tournament or two, I can soon see real genuine improvement,
    far more significant than playing this correspondence rubbish 🙂

    Time controls were 60 minutes each, with an extra 15 minutes after move 30 (no increment).
    I mostly kept ahead of him on the clock, but perhaps this was not necessarily a good thing considering I lost!
  2. Subscriber moonbus
    04 May '17 21:03
    Time pressure is an intrinsic element of OTB play: if you're loosing, complicate and maybe your opponent won't find a refutation in time. This does not work nearly so well in correspondence chess.
  3. 04 May '17 22:50
    Why not make a dubious sac?

    Because you don't want to give the game away?