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  1. 01 Dec '09 18:10 / 3 edits

    I don't need to be told how bad I played after move 18 or how unsound my bishop sac was. I wasn't all there

    So in my moves 30's, I know I'm lost and I try to make this bogus plan of giving my pawns and letting him capture my rook on the g file.

    On my last move, I pick up my rook... I fake putting it on the 8th rank and put it on the 2nd rank instead.. followed by a look of disgust. He actually LAUGHED at my last move while taking my rook in 2 seconds. I shake his hand: he thought it was me resigning, while saying : good game!

    I wonder if he learned his lesson.
    I thought it was a nice swindle

    I was short on time so I didn't mark my last moves. I didn't move my king to g8 at any point, but I'm missing a move somewhere. Anyways the idea is there.
  2. 01 Dec '09 18:14
    Shakes head
  3. Standard member afx
    01 Dec '09 22:10
    Great stalemate!