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Only Chess Forum

  1. 21 Jul '06 07:41
    Hi,every body
    i started agame and my opponent stopped playing after on;y two moves and when I went to help section I read that I can delete a game if didn't pass three moves but the trach sign doesn't appear beside my game
    here is the number of the game 2281497
    can any body help me with that?
  2. 21 Jul '06 07:52
    Sorry, it has gone too far.If three halfmoves go inte the fourth, the possibility to delete a game is over.

    Wait until his times run out and then timeout him, collect your rating points and start a new game.
  3. 21 Jul '06 09:05
  4. 21 Jul '06 09:10 / 2 edits
    thanks fabian