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  1. 26 Jan '12 23:05
    What is your approach to looking at a neutral position, and how do you choose a move when in one?
  2. 28 Jan '12 23:39

    This depends so much on the circumstances. Is there tension in the position? Do I only need a draw? Is it a simple position with few pieces? Am I the better player?

    The main thing is to keep making good moves, not worrying that you are trying to gain only the smallest advantages. Small advantages can snowball, and place as much psychological pressure on your opponent as large ones.

    Avoid "should" thinking - "I should play solid" or "I should play positionaly", etc. Just play the best move and don't expect any advantage until the opponent makes a mistake.

    Chess games are awash with mistakes. Unless you are at grandmaster level, equal positions don't stay equal for long.

    I can give a fuller answer with an example position or two.

    yours, Marcus