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  1. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    20 Jul '10 20:03
  2. 20 Jul '10 21:18
    Hi SG.

    Posted this in comments (you need the hit) 😉
    Prefer if you answer here but you can post here telling me you answered there.

    You are crazier than I am.

    I got the mate in 3 by trying to figure out why the pawn on g4
    and what happens if it moves.
    It's how I solve these things but asking questions about why such
    and such a piece is there.
    Verbal clues helped.

    Find Best Move.
    Sure I've got the best move - it's what I would play.
    Don't like that Rook on f2 stopping Qa7 as a defence
    which does not matter in my line.
    If it's a composed job then it's on f2 for a reason.

    Stumped with mate in one but it will come to me.

    Are any of the puzzles your creations?