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  1. Standard member ivan2908
    21 Apr '10 08:28 / 2 edits
    Funny thing is that I don't know if there is a name for the type of the manouver like at the end of this game. (my queen dancing on h8 f6 d8 squares until the opponent defenses are removed) This game may not be completely sound but it when I finished it it just felt good ! I was playing black.

  2. 21 Apr '10 08:31
    Oops you seem to have thy 8`s and 1`ses mixed up.
  3. Standard member ivan2908
    21 Apr '10 08:41
    what do you mean. Is there a problem with PGN file ? I didn't notice it.
  4. 21 Apr '10 08:51 / 2 edits
    Simply replace all thy 8`s with oneses and tada.

    Oh also don`t forget to change thy 6 into a 3.
  5. 21 Apr '10 15:45
    I don't know what's with the dialect, but what he's saying is that you're on h1, f3, and d1. Not h8, f6, and d8.
  6. 21 Apr '10 18:55
    I recently watched Lord of the rings well the first 2 parts so i was talking like hobbitses n tricksies or trying to at least.

    No guaranties of gaining acting employment though if this is my portfolio.
  7. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    21 Apr '10 20:19
    That maneuver's know in Texas as an ass whoopin'.
  8. Standard member ivan2908
    22 Apr '10 09:30
    Oh yes, I see it now. Well, it's too late to do the edit.