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  1. 21 Feb '13 04:57 / 1 edit
    Nice Tactic / Oops (From 1-Minute Game)

    The tactic working:
    *The notes are out of line.

    ... And The Oops

  2. 21 Feb '13 14:39 / 1 edit
    Hi Paul,

    Fixed the the notes thing, you had an extra space after the move and the {}

    Also there is no need to add all the.....

    [Event "?"]
    [Site "?"]
    [Date "????.??.??"]
    [Round "?"]
    [White "?"]
    [Black "?"]
    [Result "*"]
    [SetUp "1"]


    The PGN thingy thing works just as well without it.
    Leave the [fen] info if you are starting from a position.
    (do a 'Reply and Quote' and see mine.)

    Smashing instructive position.

    Reminds me of the trap I have invented in Cochrane Knight sac v the Petrov.

    and the OOPS!

  3. 21 Feb '13 16:59
    Hi GP,

    That was me being a little lazy. I realized about an hour after I posted that I left all that header stuff in there. Luckily, my computer isn't registered under my name (just the letters "Me", or I would have posted my personal information right on the forum.

    Winboard auto posts all that stuff, and EVERY other time I have posted I have taken the time to change that.

    Winboard also posts my pgn's with space after the numbers. This usually leads to trouble. I've noticed if I just post there isn't a problem. It's when I add notes to the number spaced moves that problems crop up. I also generally eliminate the spaces EVERY time.

    I now see that it is simpler to just put the fen and a move list (and eliminate the spaces).

    What can I say, a moment's laziness, and my posts look like I am new here.
    I'm sorry about that.

    Thanks for the tips. (Thumbs Up)

    I like the Cochrane trap too. Both these traps have some value. After all, a simple thing like a bishhop on d2 would make them both work.

    They are good to know (and look for). It's just these specific positions where they backfire.

  4. 22 Feb '13 03:15 / 1 edit
    Hi Paul.

    Don't worry about it, all chess players are lazy.
    Just look at the shelves of unread and unstudied books we all have.

    I use WinBoard to look at games, it's slick and neat and allows you to
    create illegal fen diagrams....

    RHP does not error check it's fens which is brilliant. A lot of other sites do.

    You can explain a lot from just the bones of a position.

    But for posting a noted up game on here I use ChessPad version 2.0.2
    (it's free on the net somewhere.)

    It took a wee while to get used to it and I've tweak it just how I want it.
    (It has smashing prefence table for you to play with.)
    It sails in here everytime with no problems at all and now I won't use anything else.

    Even when I'm writing for magazines or columns I use it. You can see
    at a glance all the comments and not have to fish about for them
    and back track like you do on Winboard.

    I then paste it into WORD and replace all the {} markers with a blank.
    and Bingo, ready to go.

    Also I have used the Annotate Game feature on here if I'm using one of my
    games. When happy just copy the PGN with the notes.
    That too works all the time with non of the editing that you need to do
    with Winboard.