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  1. 13 Aug '10 15:28 / 1 edit
    All on the latest blog thing-gummy-jig.

    Blog 4

    Also added a cartoon to previous blog thing I forgot to put on .

    Painting is superb. Book is Ok I guess.

    Sonhouse did make post of the week. But I added an extra link to
    Amolov's post on a Glossary of chess terms.

    Beano is my favourite comic. Dandy readers are milksops..

    But the game played by a lad on here is really good. Perfect.
    I stumbled upon by pure chance.
  2. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    13 Aug '10 16:16
    With regard to the Joxx-CaFF game, I had the vague sensation of watching a game by Capablanca trying to play like Morphy, but ultimately finding he could not resist the urge to revert to form and trade down into a won ending.

    I expected the ultimate result, but it just did not AT ALL end the way I thought it would!
  3. Standard member Exuma
    13 Aug '10 18:56
    Fabulous game! The Queen trade at the right time, sets up the pin that holds the whole thing together. The discovered check from that same bishop slams the door. This game then turns out to also be a fine example of how to suggest to the other player that resignation is an available option.
  4. 14 Aug '10 02:37
    It's just a nice game and the lad's sense of humour
    seemed to kick in as well. It looked like he saw the
    final position a long way from the end - pity he seems to have stopped
    playing - wonder who was.