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  1. 07 Aug '06 06:36
    i would like to know if anyone has read the whole book. i've only read some of the first chapter and most of the sicicilian chapter but i want to know if anyone has read it through and through. i just want to know how much it helped you because it has helped me quiet a bit and i have a few questions about it.
  2. 07 Aug '06 09:52 / 1 edit

    Most of them appear to be favourable.
  3. 07 Aug '06 17:27
    It's for intermediate players. If you are below 1700, I'd recommend it because it shows you how to think about how the pawn structure influences your planning, and more importantly, where to direct your forces for attack. I read it a long time ago, but had a very favorable impression of it. Soltis is a good writer, and this is one of his better instructive books.