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  1. 22 Jan '11 17:13
    Inspired by another thread.

    Blog 4
  2. 24 Jan '11 00:26
    One of the perpetuals is not clear what heppened.
    (because it was not a perpetual) 🙂

    tbogodes - ntss 100
    I searched for draws containg 3 consecutive checks by either side.

    This positon appeared Black to play.

    So I played 1...Rh2+ 2.KxR QxR+ 3.Kh3 Qxf3+ and then started thinking
    this is a not a perpetual. Black has no Qf5+.
    So I looked at was played. Black played 3..Qg3+ and it's a stalemate. Der....

    By then I had seen nothing but perpetuals for hundreds of games.

    I added my 3...Qxf3+ moves but it's not clear what happened
    so I am clearing it up.

    There are still 1,000 in there that I've never seen, another day, another blog.

    Here is the full tbogodes - ntss 100 game.

    Smashing stuff with some real tricky play going on.

    White to play. Does QxN work? (if QxQ Nf6+).

    A draw was the fair result.

    My guess is that Black saw the stalemate idea when he played 29...b5
    and was rewarded 9 moves later.