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  1. 22 Jul '14 21:33 / 2 edits

    An entertaining 20 mover.....enjoy.

    Sigurd B Justinussen - David Smerdon, Politiken Cup 2014

  2. 22 Jul '14 21:42
    And this 5 mover, often repated on RHP from the same tournament.

    Richard Rapport - Tim L Rogers, Politiken Cup, 2014.

  3. Standard member Grampy Bobby
    Boston Lad
    23 Jul '14 15:05
    A rare Suffocation Mate. Thanks, greenpawn34.
  4. 23 Jul '14 16:02 / 2 edits
    Hi Gramps,

    Actually I'm wrong. No one on RHP has fallen for that 5 mover.
    There are 20+ that have fallen for a slight variation of it but they are all 6 moves.

    ChessPraxis - Talisman RHP 2012

    Edit: OTB this trick as 20+ victims as well.
  5. 23 Jul '14 21:49
    That and many other traps can be found in the best ever book about traps:
    "Combinations and traps in the opening" by Veinstein (name can be spelled differently), translated from Russian.
    Tiny book but full of anectodes, like a short story collection. Story with a drummer from big band - drummer has a chess table on his big drum - is very amusing and the variation of Nimzo-indian defense is still usable.