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  1. 23 Feb '07 14:57
    Ok, granted, this is a long shot. Anybody know where people play OTB in this town? I know where in the warmer weather but not in the winter. I just had to take a shot! --jon PS If any info regarding playing spots is known about any other Ukrainina cities, would appreciate hearing that, too. Thanks.
  2. 23 Feb '07 16:48
    I have to ask. What took you to Ukraine?
  3. Standard member Redmike
    Godless Commie
    23 Feb '07 17:15
    Originally posted by AlphaAlekhine
    I have to ask. What took you to Ukraine?
    I'd guess a plane.
  4. 24 Feb '07 00:55
    I always wanted to learn a little Russian and studied in a Russian language course here for four months.