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  1. Standard member deathbypawn
    Pancake Gobbler
    02 Feb '07 21:02 / 3 edits
    In this game my opponent made one crucial error in leaving his rook exposed to my queens attack leaving his entire back row available to my plundering. I am not the greatest player in the world in fact alot of the time my play is deplorable. I want to learn the inner workings of the game...was this the proper time for him to resign, is this what a grand master would do if for whatever reason he made the same mistake would he offer you his hand and say well played or should he have played out a bit longer hoping I would this a premature resignation or just knowing your beat.
    Game 3113707

    my opinion is if for whatever reason a grandmaster made the mistake as in move 13 and I did the same move as I did in this game he would resign at that point knowing his backrow was dominated and there is nothing that can be done...what are your thoughts
  2. 02 Feb '07 21:13
    being a rook and a minor piece down is kind of hopeless. of course most 1100s would keep playing...
  3. Standard member Diet Coke
    Forum Vampire
    02 Feb '07 21:31
    Which is why they are 1100