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  1. 01 Oct '14 21:54
    There is a group of titled players (IMs or GMs) that put out an annotated PGN, PDF, and/or a CBV (chessbase database format) for a super tournament and sell it on USCF Sales and probably in many other places, too.

    I e-mailed USCF Sales and the lady that got back to me didn't know what it was. But I remember pretty clearly that I saw a link (and opened it) to the USCF Sales website and it was for sale for about $5. I think the names of the authors were europeans or eastern europeans.

    I can't remember if I saw the link on this forum or on, or on

    Please help me figure out these group of people call themselves or their product. I'm very interested in checking out their product.

    Do you know what I'm talking about?