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  1. 21 Jun '09 16:08 / 2 edits
    I've been using the Sicilian based on trial and error, but now I'm actually studying the different variations.

    In the classical varation we just finished with 7 0-0 Nc6.

    It seems to me at this point white can trade knights, then push his e-pawn to e5. Black has nowhere good to retreat his knight, and dxe5 leads to Qxd8+ - forcing black to recapture with his king.

    Much bigger brains than mine have compliled this sequence, so what am I missing?

    edit: removed typos, plus trade KNIGHTS not rooks.
  2. 21 Jun '09 16:20
    Does making black lose the gright to castle worth a pawn ?

    Seem to me like the black sitting on c7 is a good pieces, you are approching an endgame man. with a pawn down.

    You missed that you gave up that pawn.
  3. Standard member agentreno
    21 Jun '09 16:25
    I'm no Sicilian expert, but I doubt White has enough compensation after the sequence you mentioned:

    I mean, there's the control of the open file but that will soon be opposed, and the pawn weaknesses a7 and c6 but Black has better control of the centre and his pieces look more active than White's to me. And he is a pawn up! I doubt Black's king is that uncomfortable on c7.