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  1. 03 May '08 00:54
    Should RhP have rating floors? I have often seen players around 1800 for example who, either through massive timeouts or other reasons, drop 400 or 500 points, and then regain all those points later. During that time, players of 1300 and 1400 strength play them expecting an even game, and unfairly play an 1800 player with a 1400 rating. I think rating floors like the USCF's would be a good idea to remedy this. Any thoughts?
  2. 03 May '08 03:00 / 2 edits
    I think rating floors should be in effect for any sort of tournament, but if you let your rating fall, it should fall. You just shouldn't be allowed to enter a tournament for under 1600 if you were once rated 1900ish for example.
  3. 04 May '08 14:28
    That's a good point. The tournament entry rating somewhat takes care of that, but if some goes down a lot very quickly, it can still be distorted.
  4. 04 May '08 15:17 / 1 edit
    I dont mind that so much but I really hate (and this happened to me frequently) where players of 1500-1600 have dropped down to 12-1300, beat me and I take a massive rating hit, same thing when I manage to win against one of the players who have dropped a few hundred points, I get one or two rating points due to their rating being well below mine but their real rating being the same or higher, that does irritate me as I and others in the same boat, do not get/lose fair points.

    A floor may be a good idea but I can see people not liking that either, for example, I was in a 13-1400 tourney which I won, that boosted my rating from 1350 ish to 1598 along with other clan game wins, in reality I got there by beating mainly 13-1400 so I would not suddenly want a 1600 floor rating as I am not a 1600 player.

    I think the system is reasonably fair despite my grumbles, its hard to keep everyone on a perfectly accurate rating and to be honest I cant come up with a better idea.