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  1. 30 Mar '12 19:37
    Is it kosher to post on this forum a recommendation that people bookmark or otherwise follow a particular game that is in progress? There is one game I am watching that merits watching, IMO, starting about 10-15 moves ago, and it's not over yet. One player, whether purposely or not, gave away a piece and has been rather unpredictably (to me) working his way back into a win. But I am concerned that such attention might imply something to one of the players -- such as that the game has nuances they might not see, and they should look harder at it -- and I am also worried that someone might inadvertently reply to the post, stating a move they think is best.

    Just indicating that a game in progress is worth watching, may be too intrusive. Opinions, please?
  2. 30 Mar '12 19:46
    I don't see any problem as long as you don't discuss the game
  3. 30 Mar '12 23:02
    Why would there be a problem?
  4. 31 Mar '12 02:07 / 3 edits
    Game 9040829 has been the only one worth watching recently. 😉

    It's finished. You can comment.
    It started off at a very slow pace then suddenly last week I'm saccing
    a Rook and Bishop as Timmy is replying more frequently.
    (both of which I did think he would take - that was wasted effort at the board.)

    In order of how the game went.

    What move did I chicken out of?

    What move did Black refrain from playing due to positional considerations?

    What move do you think I hated playing?

    What move was my big trap?

    What series of moves gave me the most pleasure in finding?

    I'm sorry for the ugly finish, there must be Queen sac Knight mate in there
    but I wanted it over.
    The blog is overdue thanks to that game and a lose in another game because
    I could not wait to get back into this one.
    Also Mrs GP was at me for neglecting numerous household chores. (nothing new there BTW.)

    Not as bad as a few years back where I did not turn up for my brothers
    daughters wedding because I was analysing a game I was playing on here.

    My brother just shrugged his shoulders.
    "You know what he's like, Chess has always come first."

    But the women folk were most put out.
    It still gets brought up from time to time and my standard reply that I'll
    go to her next wedding does not go down too well.

  5. 31 Mar '12 06:36
    your niece
    much more elegant 😉
  6. 31 Mar '12 08:33 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by greenpawn34

    What move was my big trap?
    It was that if black played 23...Kf8 or Kg8 then you play 24.Qe6 right?
  7. 31 Mar '12 12:31
    Hi Wilf.

    I thought of that but neice is also my sister's daughter.
    There should be a different word for brothers daughter and sisters daughter.

    Hi Luke.


    if 23..Kf8 24.Qe6 mates too much to hope that Tim would fall for that one.
    The Queen and Knight make a great attacking force.
    Tal called them 'The Deadly Duo'

    Here from the game.

    After the 'dance of death' where I pulled the King into the open. 27.Nf7!

    When hunting a King cover the flight squares first. How many time have I said that ?
    The Queen and Knight do this perfectly.

    Here I knew it was won and spent hours looking for a nifty win.
    There are basic mates and a few ways I can screw it up.
    The trouble is Black has a whole choice of moves.
    I tried to find a cool win for each one. This is in my notes.

  8. Standard member TimmyBx
    31 Mar '12 13:27
    Glad to see people enjoyed our game 🙂

    It was a fun one! I thought I had an "easy win" when I had 2 rooks a knight and bishop versus Queen and knight. D'oh!!

    I thought Geoff had sac'ed too much - but in hindsight it was nothing any ordinary man WITH BALLS OF STEEL wouldn't have done 🙂

    It was a fun one! One of my most memorable games on here! Very well played by GP!
  9. 31 Mar '12 14:27 / 1 edit
    Thanks TIm.

    But you played your part as well. Thanks for not playing Nxb3
    and although we avoided 'that' positional plus for me.

    It is still me you are playing...I would have lost interest and offered a draw.


    I really hated playing 14.Rfe1. I wanted my a1 Rook d1 and my f1 Rook on e1.
    In the end I decided that it has to be the f-Rook else you will play Nxb3.

    Here White to play.

    So many choices with the discovered attack on the Black Queen.

    My first choice was Qh3 which was aimed at you castling. (and of course e6)
    Bxf6, Ne4, c3, Bc2 and a Rook lift. I've no idea if any other Queen move does anything.
    I stayed with my first choice no need to look any further.

    Here White to play.

    20.Rd7+ is nothing but a simple perpetual you King has f6.
    If there is White win in there then it escaped me.
    And that is how it was going to go till I suddenly thought about luring
    your Bishop back to f6 with a check.

    Then the fun started. (goodbye blog, family...sleep.)
    20.Qf5+ Kd7 is awfully complicated.
    I was beginning to wish I had never thought of the Bf6 idea.
    In the end I went for it. You stop a check, avoid a perpetual and save a piece.
    Big cheers in the GP house when BF6 appeared.

    One wee word of advice. If you have an opening surprise up your sleeve.

    Don't tell your opponent BEFORE he has made the critical reply. (in this case the 9th move)

    You told me this was an opening you had worked on.
    I never had you pegged as a 'bluffer' so I avoided the obvious
    9.c3 hangng onto the extra pawn and castled.

    I have no idea what fate befalls me after 9.c3 but it you do get a lot of play for that pawn.
    If you had said nothing I would perhaps have played 9.c3 without a moments thought.
  10. Standard member ChessPraxis
    Cowboy From Hell
    02 Apr '12 20:50 / 1 edit