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  1. 01 Jul '14 09:13
    White picked a nice time to time out.

    Ulf t - Dommersnes RHP 2014

    White to move lost on time. Today's puzzle is - what does White play if he never timed out.

    OK, I've had my wee joke. Skim through this game. White misses a mate in two.
    (and then goes onto to hang his Queen and lose.)

    kingbaz2 - Ed Freyfogle RHP 2014

  2. 01 Jul '14 09:42
    First game:

    Second game:
    Instead of 30. Qe6+, white should play 30. Qd7+ Be7 31. Qe7#.
  3. 02 Jul '14 08:43

    I was thinking in the 2nd game some of you may have been pulled in
    by Nxg5 or Nxe5.
  4. 03 Jul '14 02:15
    Isn't 3. Nxe5 the move to make?
  5. 03 Jul '14 12:52
    Hi KP.

    I'll answer that in the next blog.
  6. 03 Jul '14 14:53 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    Hi KP.

    I'll answer that in the next blog.
    Spoiler alert.