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  1. Subscriber maxcat On Vacation
    24 Aug '07 16:46
    how do ratings compare?
  2. Standard member Ramned
    The Rams
    24 Aug '07 16:47
    Originally posted by maxcat
    how do ratings compare?
    this is cc and that is generally otb so they don't. rating's calculated the same method i think but dont correlate.
  3. 24 Aug '07 17:04
    It depends on how long you spend on each move. If you spend 5 seconds per move then your OTB rating should probably be higher, and vice versa
  4. 24 Aug '07 18:11
    This is no correlation. For example my ratings depending on where I’m at are: 1100, 1425, 1575, 1675, 1785, 1800, 1960, 2050, 2300 and maybe some others I’ve forgotten about. Which one is the most accurate? Well, I’d like to think it’s the 2300 of course!
  5. 24 Aug '07 18:30
    Well, I'd say there is some correlation. You wouldn't find someone who is a grandmaster OTB rated 1300 on here. There is just no reliably predictable correlation.
  6. 24 Aug '07 18:56
    ((RHP * 1.25) * pi)/3 is pretty close
  7. Standard member 8D
    24 Aug '07 19:24
    Originally posted by masscat
    ((RHP * 1.25) * pi)/3 is pretty close
    I like

    I would expect RHP rating to be higher than OTB for players in lower to mid range level (more time to investigate unique or new situations).

    I would think RHP ratings to be on par or lower for 1800+ players due to the knowledge needed to reach that level.

    It just seems the higher your OTB rating the closer it will correlate on RHP.

    But I am sure there is going to be a flurry of players that will show this to be wrong.

    I will say this, if you focus on a unique or uncommon opening, I would think that your OTB game would be stronger. On this site you should be able to combat any unique openings.
  8. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    24 Aug '07 19:38
    my uscf otb cc and rhp are all pretty close
  9. 24 Aug '07 22:48 / 1 edit
    Take a look at what percentile ranking your rating is in USCF, then compare it to your rating and percentile here.
    Ought to give you a rough guestimate, but not everybody will be the same. Some people may be top 10% USCF, but only make top 20% here, or vice-versa. Overall I would think there would be some loose sort of correlation possible.