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  1. Donation ketchuplover
    20 Apr '15 10:54
    chess author and international master
  2. 21 Apr '15 09:58
    I remember him as an incredibly strong player in the 1980s and 1990s, before he had a stroke. I once saw him get to a king, bishop and knight ending against a fellow IM and Colin polished it off with impeccable technique in about twenty seconds flat! The stroke affected his eyesight (though I don't think he was completely blind) and he was never among the top tier of British players after that.
  3. Standard member Ghost of a Dukeonline
    Zen Master
    21 Apr '15 16:49
    Yes, very sad to hear.
  4. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    22 Apr '15 00:43
    I had the opportunity to talk books and authors with GM Lars Bo Hansen, and he mentioned that he liked IM Crouch's books- in particular he liked Crouch's annotating style with lots of verbal explanations instead of just lines of analysis. I think the words "lucid" and "cogent" were used.
  5. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    22 Apr '15 21:06
    Oh that's sad. I've actually played in a very low league cup competition against a junior side with Colin on board one (i was deposed from playing him unfortunately, but we won the match on the lower boards..went on to win the cup as it happens..)

    He was very active and generous with his time, especially with the children. Pinner juniors will never be the same again, i'm sure in the future he will be remembered for his contribution to chess. Rest in Peace to lovely man.
  6. 07 May '15 15:15
    Sad to learn this. I enjoy his style of writing. Will have to pick up one of his books again. RIP, Mr. Crouch.