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  1. 19 Jun '09 12:05
    Do you have any thoughts on 1 e6 e5; 2Nf3 Nc6; 3 Bb5 a6; 4 Ba4 Nf6; 5 d3 b5; 6 Bb3 d5? I have checked the about 15 classic Roy Lopez opening games and not seen the d5 move used in this position. Instead, Black prefers 6 ...d6.

    Do you like 6...d5? Is the response 7 exd5?
  2. 19 Jun '09 12:17 / 1 edit

    Unquestionably well performing for white has been 7. exd5.

    This looks like some kind of ... strange attempt at a modified Marshall Attack that falls flat on its face.
  3. 21 Jun '09 20:48
    Thank you.