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  1. 14 Jul '09 00:22
    Game 6489514

    I over extended myself in an aggressive opening and lost heavily on the following exchanges but had a rough idea of leaving the trebled pawns and attacking queenside from about move 17.

    I think this is difficult to avoid as soon as black castles, maybe i could have played slower with Rb4, c3, Rf2b2 looking for the win although I did not want to give black that much time.

    I get very few drawn games and was quite pleased, I guess this is more common higher up, please comment or post any examples you have.
  2. 14 Jul '09 00:28
    Superficially (haven't really analyzed) looks nice but black castled into it - I would have taken with the d-pawn and moved king to f7 where it would be practically impregnable and then doubled rooks on g-file. Interesting position tho!
  3. 14 Jul '09 00:57 / 1 edit
    Thanks for the comment, I think you are right about taking with the d pawn. Black must have seen 18...dxe5 19Qxe6 but with so much more material (the white queen can be moved easily with 19...Qf7 so is no direct immediate threat on e6) taking with the d pawn has to win for black.

    Lets see other examples of games with a nice finish to get a draw.