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  1. 24 Nov '09 05:05 / 2 edits
    First off...I hate rich kids/spoiled brats.
    There is a wedding for one of these vermin on January 10th 2010.

    I was hoping there was a tournament that weekend(8th-10th) that I could attend and take byes in the later rounds to attend this disgusting ritual(that won't last because she goes through more men than I do underwear)
    (Please don't ask why or how I go through so much underwear)

    Anyone know of a tournament on that date that is close to the NY/CT border?

    It is called..."Greenwich or Grenich...some lame rich town in Connecticut"

    Any help?

    I'm serious!! Help me.
  2. 24 Nov '09 05:44
    I'm not joking...this is serious!

    Quit laughing!!
  3. 24 Nov '09 08:07 / 1 edit
    haha.. I find it funny that you told us the situation you are in despite it being irrelevant, if anyone can answer your question they will do so no matter your intentions

    You still have over a month until this wedding so I think you can afford to wait a day or so until someone answers your question.