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  1. 08 Aug '17 13:38 / 1 edit
    I made a fool of myself.
    I made an inquiry with Olms Publisher regarding Bronstein-Voronkov's book "Secret Notes", I was thinking of translating it into Serbian for a Belgrade publisher.
    First, I got almost insulting answer "such poor I run of so little copies, are you serious, you'll never get success without 3000 copies at least..."

    Okay, they are not aware of catastrophic situation in Serbian publishing, I run is usually so small and book are so cheap that one might not believe, but ok, Swisserland is not on another planet, they are acting so arrogant.

    And at the end of the letter they wrote
    "Ask Voronkov's ancestors /"...but I don't believe you'll get permission!"/

    I then sent a mail to Adryan Mykhalchichin, and got express answer "I did not hear Voronkov died!!!! Check!"

    So "Voronkov's ancestors" was probably lapsus, I guess Olms-arrogant-people meant Bronstein's ancestors.

    How can I reach Bronstein ancestors anyway?!

    So silly and embarrassing all this!

    It was a too long shot anyway.