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  1. 16 Oct '13 23:41 / 1 edit
    post your examples of winning games by simplifying in the endgame.

    Not a perfect game and there were some positional errors earlier in the endgame but my opponent failed to capitalise.

  2. 17 Oct '13 05:03
    GAME IN PROGRESS! Please do not comment until complete.

    I believe my opponent is now in a resign-able position after I forced the exchange of queen and rook. The moderate material advantage I had before is now a monster, and he has no pieces left to launch a counterattack.

  3. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    17 Oct '13 06:15
    Here's one I won on another server with white. It's not much of a game - just me swindling my way out of a bad position as usual. 🙂