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  1. 23 Apr '11 22:46
    Shelve the books, put he pieces back in the box......


    Blog 4
  2. 24 Apr '11 00:50 / 16 edits
    your blog came on the spot: just today i used the knitted set...poor bishop...


    i spent all easter saturday on that game, and because of the coincidence i just have to post it... is a nice example how a fianchettoed bishop can work and how powerful knights are beyond the pawns, plus a small sac at the end

    edit 13: finally.... small hint: dont put brackets inside annotations...
  3. 24 Apr '11 08:45
    Good Game - good entertaining notes.

    Edit: It's easier to add notes to a game after the Black move.
    The system does accept notes after white moves but it's fiddly and picky.
    Also of course no () inside the { } or anything like that.