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Only Chess Forum

  1. 18 Oct '09 21:10
    ok you want to meet the real Mr Chandler well here he is you asked for it.
  2. 18 Oct '09 21:52
    Good Grief. This thread will get pulled when a Mod comes along.

    A cold dark night in Musselburgh. (I have my Winter hat on).

    T.Akers - S.Browning if I'm not mistaken.

    I'm looking at it after showing the shots Black missed
    and some tries by White.

  3. 18 Oct '09 21:58 / 2 edits
    White lost without a chance, Black missed Qf4+ on several occasions though, oh you said that already ..."showing the shots Black missed"...
  4. 19 Oct '09 01:35
    Originally posted by niddrieboy
    ok you want to meet the real Mr Chandler
    Not really, the RHP version is bad enough.