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  1. 03 Nov '13 16:20 / 1 edit
    Phillip Stamma, who was active in the mid 1700’s composed this
    mate in 4. (White to play)


    I wondered if anyone on here had played a similar combo.
    I could not find an exact copy, some came close, but I did trip over this game.
    The end is nothing like the Stamma problem but it never the less needs airing.

    christopher j (1414) - darklore (1705) RHP 2012

    We join the game just as the Queens are about to come off and the
    Black Rook and White Knight do a tango together on the Queenside.

  2. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    03 Nov '13 17:16
    The first diagram is different from the solution. 😉
  3. 03 Nov '13 17:56 / 3 edits
    You are right.

    How did that happen?

    The edit time has run out so I cannot change it.
    I was busy chipping in with my solution to SG's latest torture.

    I'm blaiming SG. He somwhow edited my post and jigged it about.

    Might as well make it a double blunder (they always come in two's)

    Mate in four.