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  1. 05 Jun '15 21:00
    I saw another game on Max Euwe Square.
    By-the-way, since the last time i gave 5 stars to this attraction of Amsterdam attraction on Tripadvisor (* * * * * 5 stars on Tripadvisor, and attraction is in Amsterdam, ok), I noticed one change – Euwe’s sculpture disappeared. I hope it wasn’t because of vandalism.

    Amsterdam was charming as always.
    See Japanese tourists:

    Since Mario Biondi cancelled his gig, and I decided to use non-reffundable hotel and flight-tickets, I went to see poppunk band Beatsteaks on Wednesday. Never heard of them and they sounded pretty boring on youtube videos but what a pastrinak.

    When I went out for the late lunch and early dinner before the gig, the first set of match Djokovic vs. Nadal was in progress (5-4).

    I had nice brunch at some Italian restaurant and then I saw another street chess game.

    Big black guy had White pieces against his opponent.

    Observe Bd6 in front of d7-Pawn. White opened the game better.
    Observe also kibitzers, typical for Amsterdam.
    White the overlooked a Bishop on g5, I diidn’t see how.

    In the meantime, On the two following pics – look at the pigeon!

    Black was playing well and now he gave check with his Queen on field c1.

    Black is not aware of danger:

    He is wasting time on Queen flang:

    When you play street chess, you kick!
    As I said, White went on with desperate attack:

    Black is not aware of danger:

    He is wasting time on Queen flang:

    Black had comfortable advantage. He was smiling and was obviously confident he was gong to win.

    But White is attacking:

    White had only one chance – to attack Black’s King. He moved Pawns forward and Black was hesitating too much.

    Here White took hxg6 and Black gave a piece back with Nxg6.
    Black thought he had easy win in their hands so he played without caution. He receieved a check on field d8 and he didn’t realize he is lost, still smiling at big black guy.

    Black must go wth King on field g7, but there is check-mated by Knight on f5.

    And after the game – shaking hands:::

    After this game, I entered the café bar MAX next to the street chess field for a coke and whilst I was standing at the counter, waiter from next-door restaurant - Wagamama – see the picture:::
    came in to ask waitresses to turn flat TV on::: he was anxious to know about Rolland Garros match Djokovic vs Nadal. When they finally found the right channel, there were Murray and some other tennis player on. The Wagamama waiter yelled:
    - Oh no, no, don’t tell me that Nadal lost, I am broken…!
    A middle-aged couple who was having a dinner told him:
    - Djokovic won… I pictured them:::
    - Oh, noooo” – cried the waiter – Djokovic is an animal!