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  1. 21 Apr '09 20:58
    Hi guys,

    I was thinking to buy a study chess set, and I was thinking what to use...
    In my view it should be rather small (like travel style) as it will be easier to see the whole board with only a look while reading..I prefer wooden style, not folding and magnetic...

    the price is not very important, but anyway should not be more than 60 euros let's say...

    I was thinking about something like this but I do not like that the pieces look too big compared with the size of the squares, what do you think? (and what do you use?):
  2. 21 Apr '09 23:16 / 2 edits
    When I was ultra keen living and breathing chess I always use to
    study with the plastic set and board that is used in all tournaments.

    These are weapons I will be fighting with - these are the weapons
    I will study with.

    I actually invested in different boards and different sets for different
    clubs and tournaments.
    True - that is why I've ended up with so many sets and boards.

    You have to get climatised to playing on a new strange set.

    I remember hacking and trapping my way to board one in some tournament
    and was horried to see I'd be playing on a 'posh set' v IM Mark Orr.

    I arrived 15 minutes before the game and played over a few games
    on this posh set to get my eye in.

    I lost.
    Not an excuse. I was out-played in a Knight ending

    It's silly I know, but the important thing is that I thought it was good for me.

    Now here is another true story.

    Edinburgh Allegro 1980?.
    I arrive at the board and see that one of my white pawns has been vandalised.

    Some nerd had attacked it with a felt tip pen and given it a blue head.

    So I try to swap this pawn with some other boards but nobody will let me.
    So I hold up the start of the round whilst I get the controller to get
    me another pawn.

    A player called George Coutts sitting next to me said;

    "Geoff just sac the bloody thing."

    So I shrugged my shoulders, put the blue headed pawn on e2,
    shoved it to e4 and this happened.

    Black was a player called Choudhury.