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  1. 25 Jan '14 16:45 / 2 edits
    67 year Mihai Suba supplied a neat wrap up the 2013 World Seniors.

    For most of the game both sides kept themselves to themselves.

    The 5th rank demarcation line stayed in place for 10 moves in the middle
    game as both players shuffled their pieces about looking for a weakness.

    Suba uncoiled first by throwing up his h-pawn to weaken the cover around the White's King.

    This is Black's first piece in his opponents half.

    The second piece to appear in his opponents half was a Knight sac.

    It was refused. 33. KxN Nd3+ 34.Kf3 Qf4 mate. is one very good reason.
    The Black Knight jumped back to his half of the board and the other Knight jumped in.

    Finally Suba threw his Queen from b8 right into the White's King face. 0-1

    Here is how Suba wrapped it up.

    Here is the complete game

    Nukin (2208) - Suba (2413) World Seniors 2013

  2. 26 Jan '14 04:34
    In true Blog tradition I found an RHP game with the same mating pattern
    (colours reversed) and what a game. You just have to play over this one.

    "bauerrulez1978 - haddaoui RHP 2008