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  1. 30 Oct '10 17:37
    Here are 60 studies of Vitold Yakimchik :

    You can read his biography here in EG 60:

    and a interview with Anatoly Kuznetsov in EG 127:

    A MAGICIAN OF THE STUDY by Ya. Vladimirov, Moscow Vitol'd Vitol'dovich Yakimchik (1911-1977) belonged to the great galaxy of Soviet composers of the older generation. He ained general recognition comparatively late, only in the 1950s when his job (Yakimchik was an outstanding metallurgical engineer) allowed him to devote more time to composition. In the years after the war he published over 100 studies, out of a total of about 130. His highly original ideas and refined technique brought him many victories
    in big tourneys, including gold, silver and bronze medals in USSR Championships, alongside such stars as Kasparyan, Korolkov, Bron, Kazantsev, Gorgiev and others. Yakimchik was a strong over-theboard player and finished high up in Kazakhstan Championships. His high analytical talent and exceptional tenacity allowed him to uncover all the possibilities in a position, approximating the study as much as possible to practical play.