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Only Chess Forum

  1. 06 Oct '10 20:45
    The thread with the Blitz games has some excellent stuff in it.
    Some are OK but finding the real wee gems from 55 pages and 800+ posts
    can often mean going through a dozen or so other games.

    So hows about a thread dedicated to the best of Blitz.

    if you gind a good one - post it here adding a wee comment or two.

    Rules. You cannot post one of your own games.

    Kicking off with this from Loaf86.
    Just enjoy the 18 move journey and it wonderful finish.

    And one from HeizKat whose opening novelties inpired a whole new generation
    of chess players. He is Black here.

  2. 06 Oct '10 21:55
    You see Korch v Jusuh winding each other up.

    But look at the standard of this game at 1 minute + 1 sec add on each.

    This though is a snap shot from the game and Black (Jusuh) missed a cracking try.

    Here is the real game.

  3. 07 Oct '10 11:31
    I really like the three-square mating net in the first one.
  4. 07 Oct '10 11:50 / 2 edits
    There is in my opinion an even prettier mate in the first one.

  5. 07 Oct '10 16:47
    "There should be a special name for a mate where the mating piece is giving the checkmate from the King's home square. "

    How about "Cuckold's mate."

    I like your game. White's king side has not moved (unless the knight did the hokey-pokey).
  6. 07 Oct '10 18:43
    Originally posted by greenpawn34
    You see Korch...
    Speaking of whom... what happened to him? Real life?

  7. 07 Oct '10 19:59
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    Rules: You cannot post your own games.
  8. 07 Oct '10 22:06
    Originally posted by Shallow Blue
    Speaking of whom... what happened to him? Real life?

    He has his own blog.

    always worth a visit.