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  1. 20 Mar '13 02:29
    Plus a mini book review of Estrin's Two Knights Defence.

    Also two games featuring this position.

    The RHP 1000-1 shot is just really another RHP blunder but
    the ref is so obvious and the final mate is quite hilarious.

    How do you think this will end?

    Blog 4
  2. 20 Mar '13 09:30
    Thanks Greenpawn. There's loads of good stuff in this one.

    Studying chess... do you think that will ever catch on?
  3. 20 Mar '13 13:25
    I created my Rook mate pattern on Gameknot right after I posted the last Blog.

    Me - baaldyloks, 5 minute game Gameknot 2013

  4. Subscriber Paul Leggett
    Chess Librarian
    21 Mar '13 23:48
    "First we sneak in Overloaded Queen lesson No.887.
    When ever you have a Queen defending anything you must look to see if you
    can expose the Queen’s greatest weakness. She must give way to any attack.
    Never depend on a Queen to defend anything. Think of her as the laziest chess piece
    on the board. She will attack for you but never carry a defensive burden."

    This is just one of many gems that is the treasure box we call Greenpawn34's blog.

    It's free. We should pay for it, but it's free, so make the most of it!
  5. 29 Mar '13 14:24 / 1 edit
    great post . just my opinion that the 2 knights defence is the best defence! the line against the fried liver where black plays N-d4 is awesome - i found a checkmate in that even if white castles!
  6. 29 Mar '13 15:24
    Here is the line.. you could call it the re-fried liver attack

    I have played this exact game about 10 times to the horror of my opponents

    9... bh3 is flawed, its a bluff (i didn't realise at first) but if you put it through a computer white can take it and survive (?) .

    But people think its a trap so fall into the trap

    I think in general nd4 vs the fried liver is winning - even with best defense black gets a good posistion.
  7. 29 Mar '13 15:47
    Hi Chris.

    The Fried Liver Attack is brought into action after:
    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 d5 5. exd5

    If Black now plays 5...Nxd5 then 6.Nxf7 is the Fried Liver.
    I mention this because many people think 4.Ng5 is called the Fried Liver Attack.
    After 5.exd5 there are other known paths Black can follow before a Fried Liver appears.

    5....Na5 the so called Main Line with it's many braches.
    5....b5 The Ulvestad
    5....Nd4 The Fritz (named after a German lad called Fritz, not the wee electronic toy.)

    One game I know of (which has happened both OTB and in corress chess)
    is this line where White castles into it.

  8. 29 Mar '13 16:34 / 7 edits
    Nice! see you lull the oponent on moves 10, 11, 12 into checkmating them self I think 5...nd4, 6 c3 b5 is a line fischer used sometimes?

    Re the fried liver yes i know the nxf7 line (the fried liver!) and quite a few players starting out who play ng5 but don't know the nxf7 move like you said. But i used to loose to it over and over in blitz so have built up my counters. I learnt nd4 of a computer - it beat me so fast i copied the line - usually ends in a smothered mate.. In the fried liver White has to be very precise and castle as soon as possible, I know a few who think its ok for black! but its not with best play, i don't think?