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  1. 25 Mar '11 23:29 / 2 edits
    A UK newspaper The Independant. Friday 25th March 2011
    covered the the alleged cheating at chess episode with the banner:

    "White Knight Catches French Grandmasters Cheating by Text.

    Here is the abridged version.

    In France Mr. Marzolo followed the live games and fed them into a chess computer.
    The moves were then sent by text (using the code given in another thread) to Mr. Hauchard.

    He transmitted the moves to the player playing the game thus:

    The player (Mr.Feller) would follow Hauchard and see at what boards he stopped at.

    The boards were given pre-arranged codes by Hauchard & Feller a-h and 1-8.

    If Hauchard stopped at board b3 then moved and stopped to look at board c4
    then you have b3-c4.

    The Sting in Operation.

    The Independant then adds:

    Mr Marzolo (the guy in France putting the live games through a computer)
    did not have a mobile phone of his own due to him being barred by all
    other mobile companies for 'financial reasons.'

    (The Master Plan, it's brilliant. They do a scam involving
    a mobile phone and the principle character is barred from having one.)

    So he borrowed a mobile from Joanna Pomian who just happens to be the
    current Vice President of the French Chess Federation.


    He gave it back to her without wiping the messages.


    She accidently discovered a text. "Hurry up and send the moves."

    (You could not make this up, it's hilarious).

    She checked and discovered 180 coded text messages to Hauchard

    An appeal is pending.
  2. Standard member nimzo5
    26 Mar '11 01:00
    Hilarious, desperate, and pathetic.
  3. 28 Mar '11 21:20
    Wow. To go though all the effort to plan the system and then implement it, only to not have a phone and forget to delete the evidence? Just wow.
  4. 29 Mar '11 23:55
    Just great! My chuckle for the week.
  5. Standard member hedonist
    peacedog's keeper
    30 Mar '11 02:32
    it was on radio4 a few days ago.

    chess on the radio a big plus

    but masters cheating on the radio a bigger minus

    what a shame
  6. Subscriber thaughbaer
    Duckfinder General
    06 Apr '11 13:03
    But quite how bad a player was this guy ? You'd think that really all he would need was a hint ? But no.. he needs to know the source AND target square ? Did the other guy have to shape his body the same as the piece to move as well ? It's inexplicable how Dumb and Dumber got this far... and the phone borrowing ? Excuse me Officer.. may I borrow your truncheon to mug this old lady ? How did these guys get into the French chess team with an IQ of basically zero ? I think there may be an opening for me....