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  1. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    15 Nov '12 19:41
    Game 963837

    I reached this position in a recent game and went for the kill with:

    Instead, white committed suicide:

    On the other hand, had he seen the ...Bg3 idea, he would have spoiled it with
  2. Standard member vivify
    15 Nov '12 19:59
    Nice. I always enjoy your posts.
  3. 15 Nov '12 20:15
    Originally posted by vivify
    Nice. I always enjoy your posts.
    yeah, pretty awesome.
  4. 16 Nov '12 04:44 / 2 edits
    Funnily enough I was lookng at this game a few weeks ago,
    Game 4324219 Mutt n Stu v Top Hat, RHP 2007.
    It was a Latvian gambit.

    This position arose, Black to play.

    Black took the e7 pawn but he can and should have played 31...h5

    Which is a perfect Zuggers. Whits cannot break the pin/ 0-1

    As it was Black went onto win but White missed a win in the ending.

    He played 37.Kd3, should have played 37.g5 When White Queens
    first and gets in the first check when the Black passed pawn is on the a2.
    Another tale of woe from the vaults of the RHP DB.