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  1. 20 Feb '13 23:53
    An amazing game which was posted on the English Chess Forum by Richard James (of fame)
  2. 21 Feb '13 03:24
    A super game and by all accounts now unique in OTB play.
  3. Standard member vivify
    21 Feb '13 04:09
    At move 29, why didn't black play KxH7?
  4. Subscriber Paul Leggettonline
    Chess Librarian
    21 Feb '13 04:11
    I loved the opening, then realized it was going to go past move 25, and then it got better! What a plot for a game!
  5. 21 Feb '13 05:25
    Originally posted by vivify
    At move 29, why didn't black play KxH7?


  6. Standard member vivify
    21 Feb '13 06:35
    Wow, I feel like Watson after Holmes made solving a mystery look so...elementary.

    Thanks for explaining that, King.
  7. 22 Feb '13 10:06
    That idea of a bishop on the b1-h7 diagonal pinning the black pawn on g6 if Black's king is on h7 is a very common idea in Colle / Stonewall games. One of the few useful things I picked up from playing the Stonewall attack for ten dreary years!
  8. 22 Feb '13 10:31
    Amazing game. Which shows that it's not the opening in itself that counts, but the ideas, the guts and the execution.